At Live Oak Bank, our mission is to create an unprecedented banking experience for small business owners nationwide through service, technology and our unique industry approach.

Live Oak is not your traditional bank. Because our leaders are innovators in finance and technology, we bring efficiency and excellence to the lending process. We believe deeply in personal service and taking care of our customers throughout the life of their loan.

We are one of the nation’s top originators of small business loans primarily because our expertise in specific industries enables us to lend to business owners who haven’t had access to capital in the past. We’re proud to be on the forefront of building the backbone of our country, small business.


Live Oak was founded as a lender focused exclusively on financing veterinary practices. As we’ve added agriculture, pharmacy, healthcare and other industries to our portfolio, we first hire an expert who knows that particular business inside and out.

Each expert leads a team of people who are laser-focused on their industry all day, every day. Armed with a full understanding of the challenges and nuances of those loan deals, our industry teams are empowered to guide customers not only during the loan process, but all through the life of their loan.

live oak expertise

live oak technology


We think technology should enable people, not replace them. Live Oak Portal technology simplifies the loan process from application through funding, with real-time transparency so our customers know what’s happening through every step.

Portal allows an up-to-date view of a loan at any time, so a borrower is never in the dark about when the loan will close. Customers can securely upload all loan documentation, fill out online forms and electronically sign all documents. While Portal enables a streamlined, efficient process for borrowers, the credit decisions remain with the industry expertise of our lending teams.


The Business Analyst Group complements the enhanced service customers have come to expect from Live Oak. We know relationships are built over time and our goal is to strengthen them each and every day by providing world-class service throughout the loan process.

Once a loan closes, customers are assigned a Live Oak Bank Business Analyst who assists with loan questions, performs a detailed financial analysis and makes recommendations to grow the business.

live oak construction


Construction financing is one of our specialties. After a loan closes and construction begins, our knowledgeable and dedicated team walks our borrowers through the process—until their first customer walks through their door.

The Construction Loan Team is available to work directly with an approved contractor and architect on all construction-related items, providing funding guidance along the way. The team facilitates all documentation throughout the closing and construction disbursement period.