Live Oak leadership continues to drive a company and brand that is associated with trust, expertise across our industries, and the highest level of customer service.

Our Leadership Team

  • James S. (Chip) Mahan III
    Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

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  • Neil Underwood
    President: Live Oak Bancshares

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  • Huntley Garriott
    President: Live Oak Bank

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  • David G. Lucht
    SVP, Risk Officer

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  • Lee Williams III
    Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors

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  • Thomas A. Hill
    Chief Information Officer

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  • Pete Underwood
    Chief Technology Officer

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  • Steve Smits
    Chief Credit Officer

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  • Debbie A. Warwick
    Senior Vice President - Operations

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  • Kay A. Anderson
    Director - Emerging Markets

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  • Brett Caines
    Chief Financial Officer

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  • Micah S. Davis
    Marketing Director

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  • Wesley Sutherland
    Chief Accounting Officer

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  • Greg Seward
    General Counsel

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  • Mark Moroz
    Director of Deposits

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  • Dawn Thompson
    Senior Government Relations Manager

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  • JP Blevins
    SVP, Head of Sales

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  • Sherrill Stockton
    Head of Underwriting

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  • Susan Janson
    Chief Risk Officer

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  • Dave Hunkele
    Head of Product Management & Support

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  • Courtney Spencer
    Head of Human Resources

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